I’m an aspiring product | communication designer, who believes in fine craft. I enjoy working with fellow designers and collaborating with individuals in other fields. I’ve found that it is important to take note of how people work—their interactions with products, other people, and the environment.

Design is an art. Skilled hands are its tools, using instruments to create.

About Design

I also believe that experiences outside of the college classroom inspire new thoughts and reveal different perspectives. While guiding preschoolers through “Construction Junction” at the VisArts Center last summer, I observed how imagination keeps us questioning what is and what could be. Designers have the ability and capability to create and develop these ideas.

Can’t find me in studio or woodshop? Look outside; I’m bound to be exploring the city, finding inspiration. If I’m not there, I might be with my fencing foil or epée at hand, prepared for a bout. 
​Or I could be practicing harp, something I’ve enjoyed for the past ​20 years. 

About Me

Fingers wrap around the barrel of a Copic marker. 30% cool grey meets the crisp surface and finds its way across the page. Eyes observe the marks, considering adjustments. Computer mouse clicks create an Adobe Illustrator file—ideations drawn. Hands greet foam core and fabricate rough models. Peers critique. Then . . . those same nimble fingers craft a refined model with complex machinery. Cameras blink and images of the model appear.