Meal On-the-Go: Lunchbox Model

Based on my market research, I selected one persona. To meet his lifestyle needs, I designed a lunchbox, creating a Solidworks model and rendering it to be part of the KitchenAid line.

This is the final full-scale foam model, tested by several millennials.

Meal On-the-Go: Brand Style Guide

Product Design | Communication Design: Lunchbox

Meal On-the-Go: Lunchbox Presentation

I interviewed millennials and performed task analysis to best identify design opportunities, narrowing the scope from food-to-go to meals on-the-go.

Our team researched KitchenAid and its brand identity, language, and experience.

Meal On-the-Go: Research

I designed a lunchbox to enhance a millennial's meal on-the-go experience. This product was designed to be part of KitchenAid's line.

Based on my research, I developed three personas who would be a target market for a meal on-the-go product.

Meal On-the-Go: Personas