Full-time six-month internship at a jewelry and accessories design company.


To promote products, Calypso sends out emails to all potential and current customers. I designed a template for these promotions.


Media Design Internship

Product Design | Communication Design: Calypso Studios, Inc.


In the fall and summer, Calypso showcases its merchandise for the upcoming season across the nation. Below is a simple block template I created to announce trade shows. The color scheme is derived from Calypso's 2015 Mid-Year catalog.


I designed a holder for Calypso's best seller, the clay cross, which needed support to stand in an upright position. As part of this project, I produced a specification packet, which was used for overseas production. This product is currently sold nationwide.


A major retailer purchased clay crosses from Calypso and requested company-branded packaging labels.


I oversaw two interns, who were in charge of keeping social media current; I offered guidance and provided them with photographs I took of models and products.

While interning with Calypso Studios, Inc., I was placed in charge of preparing designs for production, ​creating product outlines, producing advertisements, and maintaining the wholesale and retail websites. I also photographed merchandise and models, edited images, and wrote copy for press releases and social media sites.

Note: Calypso Studios, Inc. has granted permission for me to post its images on my website.